Saturday, June 05, 2010

Day Two, Take Two

I am very tired right now. Like my lungs are still sleeping, so they aren't functioning at full power, yet I'm moving around which is taxing their ability to function properly. I wonder what that is caused by? It has been coming on for the last couple of days, that my lungs will still be working as though I am sleeping, but it usually lasts only a few hours or goes away once I smoke. I've smoked and it's been awhile, but they are still functioning sub-par.

Today is Day Two, again. And I woke up feeling really weak from not having eaten for two days. That weakness usually goes away after about day three or four, so I know I just have to wait it out.

I will be successful today for two reasons: I want to be successful, and I have no food here and the buses aren't running over the weekend so I can't go downtown to get any.

I feel exhausted enough to go back to sleep, even though it is early. But I tried, for a minute or so, and realized that I could lay there, but not actually be able to fall asleep. So, oh well on that score.

I had my MRI, but it will probably come out to be normal. I don't know what to make of that assumption, because if it does, it means I probably don't have anything fatal. But if it does, then I don't have an answer to what my medical issue is... I don't know what the next step is after an MRI.

Today, my assumed weight is 113.0... and tonight, my assumed weight will be 112.0 if I do not consume anything other than water.

I may be overestimating my weight loss, but I may also be underestimating it. I have lost quite a lot in a short span of time before. So when I eventually do weigh myself, I will probably not be "on target" but either lower or higher than I am assuming. But that is okay. I won't let that disappoint me into eating.

-Run With Me

p.s. Assumed weight, 113.0