Friday, May 28, 2010

Life is hectic. Last night from 9:20pm to 1:06am I trudged it out with a friend. They and I went to a restaurant that is open 24/7 and I had coffee while they ate something spicy and chicken... then we went to a Walmart for the sole purpose of buying plates that we could smash. We drove out into the middle of bumfuck nowhere while talking in the car for hours about our lives and both new and old developments in them. Then we parked, wrote all our shit onto each plate, them using a fantastic code language they came up with when they were three years old and still use with fluency. Me writing in plain english all my woes and angry ravings, words that, for both of us, could never be repeated. Then, we left the car, walked for a ways and smashed each plate to oblivion. The only thing missing was raving, raging yelling from either of us. We couldn't do that because we were in a place where sound travels to human ears from a distance. After that, I stupidly said aloud: "I kinda wanna shake". We went back to the all-night diner and I had to order a shake... turtle carmel nut. I drank probably 5/6ths of it. Then I did the stupid nausea dance because I haven't had anything that rich, sugary or fatty in my stomach for a long ass time and threw up all over the parking lot (not of my own accord, mind you). It was a fucking show to be sure, me retching all over the place and my friend saying: "Dude, are you okay? What the fuck is happening?"... And throughout it all, I feel I can actually say that I am happy I threw it up. I wouldn't have done it on purpose but I would have felt like shit if it had stayed in my stomach for me to absorb and use. I don't know how to count that as fasting though, so on my calendar I marked it as a period during day one in which I failed. Ah, well... such is life.

I weighed myself last night as 112.0 when I got back from these shenanigans... this morning I weighed in again at exactly 112.0. I guess that's what I'm fated to be for most of today... I won't fake my life and say I don't mind, because I do mind. But it is still the lowest weight I have been in a year.

My whole body feels weak this afternoon. I don't know why that is because I didn't do any working out (intentionally or unintentionally)...

More updates to be posted later...

-Run With Me

p.s. 112.0 Pounds


Jacinda Willeto said...

Well was the shake delicious while it lasted? Hahaha.