Thursday, May 27, 2010

This is going to take me so much longer if I can't just fast solidly for more than two days...

I was 112.6 this afternoon when I weighed myself (1:55pm). Now, as of 4:06pm, I am 112.0 exactly. I broke my lowest weight in over a year! YAHOOO!

I have come to a conclusion. I will not be able to, at this time, fast for ten days in a row. I will change my course of action, under that assumption, so that I can stop feeling so absolutely ridiculous when I 'fail' at the very end of every Day Two.

New Course Of Action: I will fast for an entire day and 3/4 of the next day. At 10pm on the second day, I will evaluate whether or not I can make it through to day three of fasting, or whether I cannot. Then I will eat healthy things, only, among which are 50 calorie cans of tuna, 80 calorie each apples, strawberries (that are actually enormous - bigger than any I've ever seen before, the size of fists), and 2-5 calorie pickles. Some people say that pickles have no calories, but I don't believe that there is a food in this world that has zero or negative calories in actuality. Argue me if you will... I doubt that anyone is reading this, though.

In that way, I will be alternating fasting one day, eating minor amounts at the very end of the next, and then fasting again. I should be able to lose weight even while eating that way. Not as much as in a total fast, mind you, but enough that I can count it. Enough that I can eventually get to my goal weight of 86 pounds.


Jacinda Willeto said...

Ha I love pickles :) As of this post we are the same weight, kind of crazy! So basically your the weight of a sixteen year old girl.

Run With Me said...

And somehow, that makes me feel a twinge of goodness inside - to have been the weight of a sixteen year old girl when I am older and male makes me feel okay about myself, just for a second.

I know that wasn't what you intended or anything, but thank you for the comment. Feeling good is brief and rare with me, so anything that strikes it up is welcome!

Hope you are doing well,

-Run With Me